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These beautiful powerful pieces are intentionally simple, modeling that wellness and healing can also be simple !  The art inspires self reflection and looks wonderful in groupings of three.

The large size art is available in three formats: 

Watercolor print on Innova Rough Textured Fine Art Paper, Canvas print on Sihi Satin Fine Art Canvas or as Original Watercolor art on watercolor paper. 

All Art is hand signed. Size 20in x 30in  

Currently eight themes are available: 

Begin, Trust, Nature, Balance, Belief, Be, Communication, Connect and Love

Scroll down to learn more about each theme. 

Contact Monica Fichtner at for more detail on custom sizes, image and title only pieces and framing. 




Text on art

The process of beginning is constant for all people and happening in every moment.  To Begin we "stamp" down and start.  The blue sky allows part of itself to be obscured with vibrant color during the rising of the sun. It's nature's beautiful wake up call, we have a new day for expansion and joy.

Sunrise colors inspire; Intense PINK energizes your beginning, YELLOW gives confidence, BLUE infuses calmness and security; and ORANGE adds creativity and fun.

Tap into the dynamic of begin and enhance your life with openness and excitement !


Keep your life vibrant with more Begin energy !

Be a something new, adopt a new thought pattern, be excited, laugh, feel awkward or unsure or surprised, be comfortable NOT knowing, expand your perspective and find new options !



Text on Trust

Trust lifts the top off the box into which you've put yourself, a relationship or process - allowing expanded energy, creativity and grace to touch your life !

Our bodies and minds respond to pattern and color. In this piece, LIGHT BLUE represents the sky, INDIGO stands for intuition or knowing, WHITE is lightness and possibility and RED symbolizes action. Put your trust into action.

The feeling of trust offers support and confidence before we can see results. It is enormously energy freeing.

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." - Friedrich von Schiller

Decide to lift the top off your box...

feels like moving from a dark room into a light are temporarily blinded. That's trust - you can't see your expanded universe YET...your eyes need to adjust. And when they do, you are able to "see" opportunities and experiences OUTSIDE and inside your box.


Nature = Love

Text on Nature = Love

GREEN is the predominate color in nature and the color of the heart/love in the chakra system. Just as squares rely on equal sides for stability, nature and love rely on these four elements:

BROWN = Earth & Acceptance. To ground is to accept.

ORANGE = Creativity. Creativity is uniqueness and interconnectedness. Nature and Love survive and thrive by incorporating these opposing forces. One = Won.

BLUE = Air & Communication. Necessary for all of life.

YELLOW = Light & Courage. The light of the sun and the courage of love spread growth and joy.

Your nature is your heart - reveal and share it - it's your unique contribution to life !

"Nature is not a place to visit. It is home."  - Gary Snyder

Practice embracing and appreciating...

your nature and the nature of those around you. These actions create more ease in life AND open your heart to love :)



Text on Balance

No person, situation or thing ever stays the same. The ability to respond and engage in life requires us to continually rebalance.

In nature YELLOW symbolizes light, sun and energy. In the chakra system, YELLOW located at our solar plexus, stands for balance and courage. Yellow is surrounded by RED for grounding, PURPLE for connection to God/Universe and GREEN for love. 

To balance we stamp down, lift up, then we can open up.

The big bonus of balance is the ability to open to love and opportunity all around us !

Imagine this art shinning on your patterns, helping you see and adjust for more ease in life.

Try Color breathing

Breathe in the yellow color to assist with:

physical balance (ex: a yoga pose)  OR

mental clarity.



Text on Belief

Beliefs are like crowns, attracting attention and energy. They are also like bridges, taking us to very specific places. Become aware of your beliefs - the places they are taking you and the energy they are attracting.

Our bodies and minds respond to pattern and color !

PURPLE is the color of our crown chakra, representing God/universal energy. 

Beliefs are worn like a "crown" governing our lives, driving our thoughts and actions. YELLOW symbolizes light and courage. Bridges and crowns often contain illumination and sparkle, and require a degree of bravery to cross or assume. 

YELLOW also "sheds light on" what we are attracting and where we are going.

GREEN is the base of the crown or bridge and stands for love. Beliefs based on love enhance and expand our lives.

It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief.

And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

- Muhammad Ali

Imagine this crown on your head for a day...

What things, people and experiences come to you ?


Text on Be

This art is a picture. Often we are so future focused, we miss the "picture" of today.

In this piece, BLUE denotes sky and today and PINK stands for the concept of begin. BROWN represents the "ground" or earth and symbolizes being or acceptance.

Accept what is and decide what can you do and be today ?

The action of being or acceptance releases the energy of resistance. Resistance energy is then redirected into "grounding" down, starting or continuing. 

Nature gives us models all the time on how to live, an oak tree is an oak - it's never trying to be a pine tree or an elm.

Be who you are and where you are - that's your most powerful self !

Do This....

Answer 3 questions everyday for one week:

What can I do today ? 

How can I be today ?

What am I resisting ?

Note what transpires. You will see a pattern...decide if it needs to shift.



Text on Communication

Bodies and minds respond to pattern and color. A stamp is a symbol or travel and going places.

BLUE in the chakra system, governs the throat and represents communication.

Our communication whether it be thoughts, words, intentions or actions is always going places and impacting ourselves and others.

Framing colors offer insight and confidence to your messages in four areas:

RED well worn paths and daily routines, ORANGE creativity and interaction with others,

YELLOW balance and courage, and GREEN messages of love.

Breathe in the blue color and focus on one framing color, to inspire and clarify your communication.

Place this piece near your computer or phone or in your office



Text on Connect

This art is a map - a neighborhood block where RED stands for connection. Colored edges symbolize roads. As we travel through life, if we are willing to journey down roads of courage (YELLOW), creativity and interaction with others (ORANGE), we can connect to many avenues of love (GREEN).

Those who summon up the most courage, creativity and connection to others, have the largest maps and the greatest understanding that love and connection exist everywhere, and if you're not experiencing it - it's just a "block" away.


When you are feeling "blocked"....

Take your feet or your thoughts - or both -  on a walk.  Notice an experience of love, friendship, assistance, purpose, opportunity...a green line... is usually close by !



Text on Love art

The light of Love is inside each person, but sometimes we hide it out of fear. 

Occasionally we need a eclipse - the reverse of light to show us our Selves !

Our bodies and minds respond to pattern and color.

BLACK and WHITE are the sum of all colors and are not different. All spiritual masters teach differences are actually illusions, as we are all one, and the only thing that really exists is Love.

Love is the most powerful pattern in the universe, it is non-linear and unlimited.

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another.

- Thomas Merton

Message during the Eclipse

This piece came from a meditation message during the August 2018 eclipse.