Monica Powers Fichtner


I created Art for a better life to help people improve their wellness and happiness. 

With a background in mathematics and economics, I worked in data analysis searching for patterns. I left my career to stay home and raise my two children with special needs, though in many ways they raised me.

Through my children I was propelled into a giant healing journey, sparking my interest in healing patterns. What do they look like ? How can we tap into them ?

The Power of Art


While traveling the long, winding, funny and transformative road as a parent, I discovered the power of visuals to positively impact us and started creating art. My work is all spiritually inspired. I chose watercolor as my primary medium because water has the ability to carry intention - and also why it's used in many spiritual traditions.

Silently and subconsciously art can stimulate our own tremendous power for happiness and health.

Enhance your life


My art acts as a symbol or mirror in helping to activate spiritual principles in our lives, which lighten and enlighten our souls. Using pattern and color makes the process easy and fun !

I think of myself as a weaver, offering a way to weave light into our thoughts, actions and being. When light touches our spirit, we experience more joy on a regular basis !